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Do you have a child or family member ready to receive one of The Sacraments?


Please contact the office at or 208-634-5474


At Our Lady of the Lake, we offer Sacramental preparation for Baptism, First Communion and Reconciliation, Confirmation, and Marriage Preparation. We also offer a program for those wishing to become Catholic called RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults). 


Baptisms: Preparation is offered upon request. Contact to arrange your instruction, help with scheduling, and answer questions. We are ready to celebrate with you and congratulations!


First Communion, First Reconciliation: If someone in your family is interested in classes, contact the office at or call 208-634-5474.


Confirmation: If you or someone in your family (freshmen through senior year) is interested in classes, contact the office at, or call 208-634-5474.

Marriage: Preparation is offered upon request. To schedule your wedding date and reserve the church, contact the office at, or call 208-634-5474. You will need to arrange appropriate instruction in your home parish.


RCIA: These classes prepare adults and children above age 7 for joining the Catholic faith. All seven sacraments will be explored, along with instruction in the core beliefs of the Church. Sign up for classes anytime at or by contacting the office at, or call 208-634-5474.

Anointing of the Sick and Reconciliation are scheduled through the office at or 208-634-5474, or contact Fr. Neely or one of the Deacons directly.


Click here for Clergy Contact Info.


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